Random Ramblings: Conspiracy Nuts


If you say so, TV-san

There’s something that bothers me about conspiracy theorists, especially the crazy “vaccines causes autism” folks. They always act like they know everything. Every piece of “research” they’ve done is irrefutable and grounded in reality, even if they only gather the information from one source, this one source being some obscure blog that is frequented by a population equal to the size of Google + users. It can be really frustrating to be lectured about how much of a Big Brother sheep you are, when they either back it up with bollocks, or hell with nothing at all.

Now, this is not to say that there have not been conspiracies that have not turned out to be true. The CIA had its hands full with the torrent of unsurprising but nonetheless crucial leaked information regarding their rather “hurtful” tactics, and Watergate actually lead to the resignation of a president. There was a lot more investigation regarding these two aforementioned cases, but I digress.

Actually, I don’t digress, this is the problem with modern conspiracists. Living in the age where most things are hard to be kept in secret with the advent of the internet, and with highly capable figures like  Edward Snowden, it’s hard to think that people will take word to mouth or mental gymnastics as seriously as people did before the rise of this miasma of ever growing throng of information known as the web. Sure, there is also a lot of false information, but we should know better than to take a facebook page that links to a site called “shokingtrufs” as a valid news resource.

Plus, the point I wanted to get to with most urgency, the irony of a conspiracy being a conspiracy in and of itself seems to not have crossed many hungry conspiranoids’ minds. If I wanted to be a conspiracy nut, my first question to veteran conspiranoids would be “what if the ___ conspiracy is just a cover up for another conspiracy?”. It would be kind of funny to actually see people tackle this more than the actual conspiracy.

Note: as the title indicates, this is just a random rambling on my part. Nothing of what I said or say in these types of posts are not or will not be, for the most part, academically well-researched and aiming to be highly educational or objective. These are for the most part just some random opinions that come to my mind.